Funk Flex: A$AP Rocky Talks About Being Called Out By Kendrick Lamar

When Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky was asked about getting called out by West Coast rapper Kendrick Lamar, his sharp response was, “I feel like that King of NY shit…you smoking crack.”

Despite many New York rappers catching feelings over the verse, Rocky took it in stride and acknowledged that it was in spirit of competition. Check out what else the rapper had to say during the Funk Flex interview.


Big Sean Responds To “Control”

Big Sean is never one to hold his tongue. So after hearing and seeing the viral response from Kendrick Lamar verse, he weighed in on the controversial track. During the interview, he explained why he did not change his verse and how he’s no “hoe ass nigga.”

“I ain’t no hoe ass nigga like that to hear a verse like that and be like ‘I gotta go back and [rewrite] my shit, I gotta go protect myself.’ Nah, it is what it is. I’m a good ass rapper. I just want people to remember I had the song. I knew what it was. No, I didn’t change my verse because I’m not a hoe ass nigga. I’m a real ass nigga from Detroit. I rep for everything that I do. I knew what it was going to do for hip-hop. I knew what it was going to do for the culture. This is the most exciting rap song to drop this year this year. Period. “

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Comedian D.L. Hughley Calls Lupe Fiasco “Dumb” For Not Voting

Rapper Lupe Fiasco has been vocal about his disdain for the United States President Barack Obama, and comedian D.L. Hughley called out the rapper for not taking action!

Lupe has expressed his displeasure for President Obama numerous times in many interviews. He’s even gone as far to say he will not exercise his right to vote due to his lack of faith in our Government. Hughley expressed his views on the matter and feels his decision is dangerous.

In a recent interview Hughley was quoted as saying “He’s bright as hell, but dumb in the weight of the world,” continuing with “Young black men are going to listen to him. They are the ones who have decisions made for them, [decisions] that they are not even involved in, which is silly to me. You can’t go through life and not be a participant, and hope things work out for your benefit. When you vote or not vote, you are saying yes or no.”

“They want to raise the age of social security from 65 to 68…Black men die at 67. Lupe Fiasco forgets that he’s going to be an old man when he’s looking for a social security check, and he dies right after he gets it.” 

Despite his position, Lupe acknowledged that his views are flawed. During a recent performance he stated, “I’m far from being a knowledgeable and wise young man as well,” continuing with “I’m somewhere in the middle. I ain’t no saint either.” 

This isn’t the first time Lupe’s been called out on his political views. Just last year he appeared on the Bill O’Reilly Show in response to calling President Barack Obama a terrorist. During the interview, O’Reilly exposes Lupe’s ignorance numerous times.

It’s clear the rapper wants to maintain a political position on the status of our country, but lacks the knowledge to back up his views. Perhaps a little more research can educate himself and the fans who listen to him.


Lil Cease “Tupac And Biggie Would Have Squashed Their Beef”

In a candid interview with, Junior M.A.F.I.A member and best friend of the late great NOTORIOUS B.I.G admitted that had Tupac and Biggie still been alive, they would’ve squashed their beef. The notion comes to no surprise as rumors of Tupac wanting to leave Death Throw before his death had emerged.

In my opinion, cooler heads would’ve prevailed eventually and who knows, we might have ended up with a Biggie and Tupac record. At any rate, the final result was a tragic loss of two young men in their prime.