12-Year-Old May Be America’s Youngest Lifer!

Cristian Fernandez could become the country’s first lifer after allegedly killing his 2-year-old little brother. As I read this story, I asked myself “Who’s the blame?”

Apparently the state of Florida feels….IT’S HIM! READ MORE

Sara Kruzan Sentenced To Life In Prison At The Age of 16 For Killing Her Pimp!!!

In the Unites States juveniles who commit a crime before the age of 18 can be sentenced to life without parole. Sara Kruzan was introduced and groomed for prostitution at the age of 11.

At 16-years-old she was sentenced to life without parole for killing her pimp. This is her story.


A Brother’s Pain: Jilani Platt’s Brother Attack!!!

It was the news clip that went viral! A brother’s pain at the sight of her former husband (and now convicted killer) was all that he needed to go off! Court officers had to physically restrain┬áJeryl Carter as he tried to get to the man who murdered his sister! READ MORE