Things Mayor Bloomberg Should Ban In NYC Before Sugary Drinks

Most New Yorkers are up in arms about Michael Bloomberg’s ban on sugary drinks, and rightfully so. With all the things that SHOULD be banned in New York, we’ve provided you with most annoying! READ MORE

M.I.A Flips The Bird At The Superbowl

It was just yesterday I predicted that M.I.A would take over the world in 2012. Well her WORLD DOMINATION began yesterday when she flipped off the cameraman during her performance.

Clearly M.I.A didn’t give a shit (a play off her Madonna laced verse) and illustrated it with her middle finger. Controversy gets the people talking and now she’s gotten the world’s attention!


Right or Wrong?: Tracy Morgan’s Estranged Mother Faces Foreclosure, Refuses To Help Out?

Tracy Morgan is making media headlines and not in a good way! His integrity is being questioned after his estranged mother is coming forward saying the $18 million dollar comedian refuses to help her keep her home! READ MORE