Kelly Osbourne Without Makeup

Kelly Osbourne has made quite the transformation through the years. So why has her latest photo caused so much controversy? 

Osbourne has gotten pretty comfy in her new skin, and PJ’s as well. So much so that she Instagram‘ed a photo of herself to prove it.


For the sake of NOT being mean, would I be lying if I said she didn’t illustrate a border line crack whore? Look, I’m for “All-Natural” but some people need to keep that make up on!

Kelly Later Tweeted

Ummm, maybe the millions of people who instantly viewed this pic after you uploaded it?

I really tried to find the beauty in this photo, but the only thing I could find was the nearest trash can to prevent myself from throwing up.

If that’s how you look before you go to bed, I’d hate to see you in the AM!



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