Big Fendi Speaks On Discovering Nicki Minaj And No Loyalty In The Game

The Come Up DVD is where Queens rapper Nicki Minaj got her start, now Big Fendi (who discovered the rapper) is using the platform to get a few issues off his chest!

If you want to know how Nicki Minaj got discovered, look no further than Big Fendi. The Hood’s entrepreneur is credited for discovering Gravy (role of Biggie) and responsible for Diddy‘s Dirty Money name, by his own admission.

But recently he had a few things to say about loyalty in the Hip-Hop game:

“I changed her name, I changed her image.  Me and Nicki Minaj was arguing because I wanted her to be the sex symbol and talk about Pu%%%y and get Niccas open and she told me I was disgracing her name… But she still talking about Pu##&y and A$$$, A$$$$, A$$$$.” 

Fendi went on to accuse Deb Antney (Waka Flocka‘s Mom) of brainwashing Nicki after she began managing her. He went on to say that he was responsible for her signing to Young Money and how he’s yet to be compensated by President Cortez Bryant.

There’s always two sides to a story and on the surface Fendi comes off as a scorned manager, but is there some truth to his claims? You be the judge.

Watch the video:

Source: The Come Up DVD


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