Did Maino Threaten To Expose Draya?

One of Hip-Hop’s biggest accessories got caught up in an embarrassing situation last night on Twitter. Read what Maino threatened to do after Draya got out-of-pocket!

Basketball Wives of LA cast member Draya was caught in an awkward situation last night after Brooklyn rapper Maino threatened to expose her.

Draya previously Tweeted (which she later deleted) that Maino was to make an appearance on a reality show. Maino immediately told her to shut her mouth.

After Draya tells Maino “we go way back” he responds “yea we go waaaay back. So stop it before I lose my phone and somebody finds those pics, lol” He then laughed about a puddle being left in his bed. Eeeeeewwww! Talk about exposing these industry broads! SMH


2 thoughts on “Did Maino Threaten To Expose Draya?

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