Common Disses Drake Again: Stay Schemin (Remix)

Just when you thought it was OVER, the rap battle between Drake and Common is beginning to heat up!

So in November, Common releases a track titled Sweet where he goes off on soft MC’s.

The venomous track was disrespectful, allegedly calling Drake a “Hoe” and “Frank Sinatra“. Weeks later during an interview with Sway, he admitted that the track was directed at Drake.

Fast forward to the NEW track Stay Schemin with Rick Ross, French Montana, and That Hoe Ass Nigga as so aptly put by Common. Drake then drops some verses that’s directed at Common.

 “I just ask that when you see me, you speak up ni–a that’s all/Don’t be ducking like you never wanted nothing,” Drake spits. “It’s feeling like rap changed, it was a time it was rugged/Back when if a ni–a reached it was for the weapon, nowadays ni–as reach just to sell their record.”

Well Common couldn’t let that go unanswered now could he? In the NEW diss track, Common goes in AGAIN, calling out Drake and loops Destiny’s ChildSay My Name‘ with some added artwork!

At this point Drake’s manhood is on life support. Not only has Common called out Drake for being soft, but he’s baited him into one of Hip-Hop’s BIGGEST BATTLES to date. It hasn’t been much of a battle considering Drake continues to hide behind his crew and throw subliminals.

What we need from this man is a DARK, DISRESPECTFUL track that can salvage at least some of the respect he’s lost from his Hip-Hop peers. Does he have it in him?

It’s your move Drake!!!

Source: MTV


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  1. This is rarely helpfu, i appreciate this whole site!

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