Mo’Nique: You Don’t Know Doo Doo Like I Do!!!

It looks like Precious star Mo’nique is caught up in a shitty situation. According to her, she wants out of her $22,000 a month lease because her house smells like dog crap!

Mo’nique filed papers in response to her landlord’s lawsuit where she allegedly owes $370k. Mo says he’s full of shit and cites the reason she’s renegingĀ on the contract is due to the smell of dog feces and urine. In addition there is also a bad mold problem as well.

According to Mo, she claimed to have struck a verbal agreement with the landlord allowing her to renege due to the problems. The landlord is crying foul and the only thing that seems to be shitty about this situation is the home!

Source: TMZ

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