Lil Zane Emerges With Diss Track

If  you were wondering WTF Lil Zane‘s been wonder no more! That’s because he’s emerged recently on a diss track throwing shots at The Game and Tyler The Creator!

Honestly I don’t know what to call this bullshit! Must’ve been a slow night in the studio if Lil Zane picked up a mic. For those who forgot about his existence, I guess you can say he was somewhat of a relevant rapper in the 90’s.

His biggest hit came off of a guest appearance on 112 Anywhere. Now the forgotten rapper wants to be everywhere freestyling over the Niggas in Paris beat.

The track was so shocking even diss recipient Tyler the Creator was at a loss for words!

Honestly no one can be mad at this. It’s equivalent to a chihuahua nipping at your ankles. It’s good to know Zane is still alive though!

Source: YouTube, Twitter


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