Did Kanye Hate On Drake? [Rap Beef]

There’s been talk that Kanye is hating on Drake, but did he pull a POWER MOVE causing Drake to suffer a temporary setback?

So we all remember that Drake’s album Take Care was set to be released on his birthday right? Well according to some HEAVY sources in the Hip-Hop game, Kanye pulled a POWER PLAY that caused a MAJOR DELAY!

We were one of the first sites to report the initial push back of Drakes album. In a statement via his website, Drake cited that he “ran into a roadblock of clearing samples”. That roadblock was Kanye West and the samples were allegedly his. The move cost Drake millions of dollars.

The reason? Kanye feels DrakeĀ is a SWAGGER JACKER! West may still be sipping on the HATERADE because word is, there’s a diss record set to appear on his next album.

Someone get Kanye a baby bottle and let these two settle their differences in the playground.


One thought on “Did Kanye Hate On Drake? [Rap Beef]

  1. And, so whatever Drake didn’t do shit for Hip Hop yet …..he should go home practice and showcase his skills but right now he aint got shit on Kanye ……

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