50 Cent Sued Over Attack

We all know that rapper 50 cent GETS MONEY, but it looks like someone is trying to TAKE HIS MONEY!

In a situation that ended violently, an alleged attack on a woman by the name of Vasti Ortiz resulted in 50 getting left with the bill. According to Ortiz, 50 hired a guy by the name of Dwayne McKenzie.

It’s not clear what McKenzie does for 50 but what’s clear to Ortiz is she was attacked and McKenzie was responsible. McKenzie allegedly invited women (including Ortiz) over 50′s mansion in Connecticut for a party.

McKenzie then made ‘graphic and vulgar sex request’ to one of the women. After Ortiz felt uncomfortable she began to leave and that’s when McKenzie allegedly held her down while he ordered another woman to beat on her. Now it appears that 50 cent is getting a raw deal.

Despite 50 cents absence nor witnessing the event, Ortiz holds him responsible because she ‘claims’ the rapper should’ve known McKenzie was a criminal who committed assault in the past. If you ask me, it’s someone looking for another pay day.

Source: TMZ

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