Rumor Report: Brian Pumper Faked AIDS Tests?

I normally DON’T entertain rumors on my blog, but apparently there’s some BREAKING NEWS in the digital world that Adult Film star Brian Pumper has HIV and been faking AIDS tests for years!

Brian Pumper or B Pumper as he likes to be called, is an Adult Star HEAVYWEIGHT. With his own production company Freaky Empire he has over 750 adult films since 2001. Pumper gained notoriety when he turned out Montana Fishburne (Laurence Fishburne‘s daughter) during her first adult film.

He soon became the laughing stock of the Hip-Hop when he pursued a rap career. This was also followed up by Porn Beef’s (Yes they were beefing in porn & not in a sexual way) with allegations of bi-sexuality and having an interest in male porn stars.

Regardless if any of that is true or not, the most serious rumor is that Pumper is HIV positive and has been for several years. In the past Pumper reportedly ‘faked’ his status and made a¬†lucrative¬†amount of money in the porn industry.

It’s being reported that Pumper tested HIV positive recently which prompted a shut down of his business in the porn capital of America, Southern California. The rumor itself has sent shockwaves through the porn industry. If true, I know a lot of porn stars that need to run to the clinic!

Perhaps a few male porn stars too! Allegedly….

Hey Brian Pumper, Hey Girl!!!


4 thoughts on “Rumor Report: Brian Pumper Faked AIDS Tests?

  1. That last picture is funny…”Hey girl!, how you doin?”

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  3. Are you fucking serious!

  4. wow oh wow that is crazy good job wit this one.

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