Tami to VH1: If Meeka Returns, I’m Gone!

So we knew there was bad blood between Basketball Wives cast Tami Roman and Meeka Claxton. However Tami’s HATE for Meeka runs so deep that she’s threatened to leave the show if she returns!

Tami Roman who was formerly married to NBA baller Kenny Anderson gave producers of the show an ultimatum. IT’S EITHER HER OR ME! The two had tension all season while Tami called her out as being phony, fake, and refusing to share the same space as her.

Last week things came to a brawl when Tami confronted Meeka in the club. The fight in Italy was taped last month and the last straw happened when Meeka filed a lawsuit against Tami over the fight. Tami told TMZ  “things got out of hand” with Meeka … and she’s “embarrassed” that things got violent … but she was willing to let bygones be bygones … until Meeka decided to sue.

Tami went on to say, “I will NOT work with someone who is suing me, when they know what this situation is all about. I want to be clear, if she returns in any way, form or fashion I do not plan on participating.”

VH1 will now be forced to make a decision in either keeping one of the show’s BIGGEST attractions, or letting her walk. For me it’s a no-brainer!

Source: TMZ


3 thoughts on “Tami to VH1: If Meeka Returns, I’m Gone!

  1. i totlly aree she has no self respect now w know why kenny left her no good @ss she lazy and envious of other women whom she feel has accomplished more than she could’ve beig married to a nba player and all.only lazy women turn to welfare but after being married to a millionaire plus have kids by him too…how was that posible to fall so low? I can tell you with one word “LAZY”

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  3. Tami you are getto and like drama you need the job so get over meeka

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