Why A Sober Lil Wayne Is No Bueno!

So rapper Lil Wayne is banned from consuming alcohol until 2013, but why isn’t that a good thing?

A rep for the I Am Still Music Tour told TMZ that it is promoting a 100% Booze Free environment.

“The concerts have a dry backstage as we are committed to keeping a safe and professional atmosphere to ensure a smoothly running tour.”

Lil Wayne is forbidden to consume alcohol during his three year probation. This following his the tour bus incident back in 2008. Now although this looks good on the surface how could this be problematic?

I heard a long time ago that an artist’s best work derives from an alcoholic or drug infused state. For what it’s worth, the average Hip-Hip historian doesn’t regard Lil Wayne as one of the BEST RAPPERS ALIVE!

But for those who do, and love him, a sober mind could have him losing his mind! Don’t believe me? Take a look at this:


Somewhere in this man’s mind he felt he could perform a rock infused love ballad. This is why some rappers should stay in their lane. In the case of Lil Wayne who finds fuel in styrofoam cups and bags of weed, a sober mind is a dangerous mind!

This is why we need Lil Wayne to fall off the wagon! Sorry, but we like our rappers ignorant, drunk, and drug infused! You think we would’ve gotten platinum albums from Mary had she not felt some real pain?

This is why a sober Lil Wayne is NO BUENO!

One thought on “Why A Sober Lil Wayne Is No Bueno!

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