Ghostface Sued For ‘Iron Man’ Theme

It’s common for rappers to be influenced by many of pop culture’s iconic images, but did Wu-Tang Clan‘s Ghostface Killah bite off more than he can chew?

The use of Iron Man, which is one of Ghost’s consistent aka’s may have costed him BIG TIME! That’s because Jack Urbont who is a composer for the Marvel animated series, is suing Ghost and Sony Entertainment for illegally sampling his theme.

The lawsuit comes about a decade late as Urbont files for the illegal use of two tracks off Ghostface’s 2000 album Supreme Clientele. In addition, the composer states that the use of Tony Starks is too close to the super hero’s real name and that Killah owes Marvel royalties.

Why do I have a feeling that this man knows nothing about Hip-Hop and someone tapped him on his shoulder and said “Hey, this Ghostface guy is using your shit!”


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