Facebook Raised Your Kids

If you haven’t realized it by now, the internet pretty much dictates every aspect of our lives. We use to caution ourselves NOT to let our children watch too much tv, because it’ll ‘Raise our Kids’.

But what about Facebook?

Like any other young individual, I enjoy Facebook. I often find myself updating and checking statuses from my Macbook and Smartphone. However there’s a trend I’m noticing that’s happening all too frequently. More and more kids are being influenced by Facebook.

A few months ago I talked about a digital phenomenon amongst young people known as Social Depressionwhere influences from social networking sites poses a negative impact. Well Facebook and sites similar to it are affecting our children in many ways.

I was shocked when I first learned that kids as young as 5 to 8 years-old had Facebook accounts. But at a second glance, I realized why a kid would show interest in Facebook. With games like Farmville, Cityville, and many others to choose from, you understand why children are drawn to the site.

What I’m appalled at are the mothers who open Facebook accounts for babies who haven’t even made their first year. From what I witnessed, it starts with the parents {the mother particularly}. These are the ‘Stay at home’ mom’s with nothing better to do other than taking pictures of themselves and updating their statuses.

Yes America! We have a problem and it starts while these children are in the womb! What else would a child know when they’re hungry, vying for attention, or wanting to go outside and the mother has her face glued to Facebook. I can think of countless instances where the Ghetto Mothers of America neglect their children in the name of Social Networking.

The children of today are more concerned with how many online friends they have, what pictures they post, and what’s trending. The online world has infected every aspect of their little lives and they have their parents to blame.

So here’s to you STAY AT HOME MOM‘S! Your non aspiring, dirty house having, and neglected children is the reason……FACEBOOK RAISED YOUR KIDS!

2 thoughts on “Facebook Raised Your Kids

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