Apple Now Selling Unlocked iPhone 4’s

Apple looking to capitalizing on their iPhone product has just done something that many user’s were doing for years. The move is a step forward amongst most customers, but it doesn’t come without restrictions.

Visitors can now purchase an OFFICIAL unlocked iPhone 4 at the Apple Store. Customers can now buy the 16GB unit for $649 or a 32GB unit for $749 coming in either white or black.

What this means is users can place calls on either AT&T’s network or T-Mobile‘s without having to sign a two-year contract for either carrier. The catch, however, is that the unlocked iPhone won’t support T-Mobile 3G download speeds.

The move {if you ask me} is kind of forced seeing the recent merge with T-Mobile. With Verizon getting the iPhone on their network, it’s something that was bound to happen at some point.

Despite not supporting 3G download speeds, T-Mobile customers will be happy to benefit from a cheaper plan {in comparison to AT&T and Verizon}.

However it looks like another scenario where Apple dragged their iFeet!

Source: AppleStore, HuffingtonPost

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