Robert Fitzpatrick Reacts To False Alarm and People Would Like To Know ‘What Happened?”

Robert Fitzpatrick, a retired New York City MTA employee was one of the people convinced the world would end today at 6pm. So convinced that he pumped $140k into a NYC ad campaign. So now that mankind hasn’t met its demise, New Yorker’s are asking: WHAT HAPPENED?

It was a media frenzy today in Times Square and people wanted answers! Robert Fitzpatrick backed famed Christian preacher Harold Camping in his doomsday prediction of May 21st 2011. The same man who inaccurately predicted the earth’s destruction in 1994 was back at it again.

According to his “mathematical¬†interpretations of the bible”, Camping suggested May 21st, 2011 as the day the world would be rocked with a global earthquake. Five months later October 21, 2011, the universe as we know it ¬†would cease to exist.

So now that the deadline has passed and everyone knew this was more phonier than a $3 dollar bill, people want to know, WHAT HAPPENED? New Yorker’s particularly directed anger and questions at supporter Fitzpatrick because of the money put into the campaign.

People capitalizing on “the hype” collected money for pets, took donations and Fitzpatrick was one of the people stuck on stupid! Folks, this is what you call “false prophets”. The majority of us knew better and didn’t subscribe to the bullshit predictions that came from their mouths.

If you’re a believer in God, he is the deciding factor on whether this planet is a ticking time bomb. The only thing positive out of the whole thing was it forced a lot of people to look at their lives and hopefully there were some positive changes.

But for those who took advantage, SHAME ON YOU!

Source: DailyNews, LiveScience, YouTube

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