iPhone 5 Slated For Release In October With iPhone 6 Scheduled For 2012?

So here we go again! You know that feeling you get when you purchase a new model, only to feel like a JACKASS after the next one comes out 6 months later? Well Apple is doing it again and rumors are the iPhone 5 will arrive by October!

Apple fans who waited all summer for the NEWEST iPhone will have to wait just a bit longer. That’s because Apple’s new model is rumored to be hitting stores by October of this year.

Earlier reports pegged the new iPhone 5 coming out early as June. However Apple came out publicly and denied those rumors just a week ago. Now according to the Apple Insider, production on the new phone will begin in September slated for an October release.

According to software analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of Concord Securities, new features will include an 8 megapixel camera (3mp higher than the previous model) and an A5 processor which currently runs in the iPad 2.

For those unaware of what an A5 processor is (because clearly I was ignorant as well), think of it as the engine for your media device. It’s responsible for the graphics, resolution and is what powers the iPhone.

Other than that, there are minimal changes to the new model. I haven’t heard any confirmation on whether the new model will run on 4G, but with plans for an iPhone 6 slated for the first half of 2012, expect that feature to appear in either of the upcoming models.

iPhone or HTC Thunderbolt? Want to know what’s better?



Source: AppleInsider

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