Video Vixens Turned Rappers: New Wave of Rap Stars or Hip-Hop’s Biggest FAILS?

There’s been a trend going on lately, and it’s video vixens making a transition into the rap game. Should they be allowed to pick up the mic or continue to play the background as a Hip-Hop accessory?

I couldn’t help but notice the influx of models wanting to pursue a rap career. The most noted is West Coast native and video model Somaya Reece. I first became familiar with Somaya while working on the Star and Bucwild Show.

At the time she was just another “video girl” but gained notoriety after putting former flame Joe Budden on blast for having an alleged erectile dysfunction. Since then she has landed a roster spot on the VH1 show Love & Hip-Hop.

It was then the world (including myself) learned that she was pursuing a rap career. It’s bad enough that female emcees have a hard time in the industry alone. But in all honesty can Somaya and many others that pursue this dream really rap?

According to myself and many others who heard her single, NO! If you’re feeling a little optimistic, just listen to her new single Dale Mami featuring Lumidee.

Long time video model Angel “Lola” Luv was another to throw her bra into the ring and failed miserably! After shooting a low-budget club video titled Boss Bitch, the Hip-Hop community wrote her off as another rap wannabe.

Her mixtape Boss Bitch’s World wasn’t any better. After starting a failed beef with Nicki Minaj, her rap career ended before it started. However if you let her tell it, she used the model industry to “brand” her name and what she wanted to do in Hip-Hop.

The only problem with that is she looks better on the sticky pages of the mens magazine.

Almost forgot about Gloria Velez! I first noticed her in Jay’Z’s Big Pimpin video {Check her out with the cowboy hat and inflated boobs}. The baby mother to R&B crooner Aaron Hall. She also tried at rap and like many other females, took shots at Nicki Minaj.

She was by far THE WORST out the trio!

At the end of the day it all boils down to this, just like the “Real” modeling world, you’re only as good as your youth. At some point, everyone will get tired of looking at you and you’ll lose your place to the next HOTTER, YOUNGER, B*TCH!

I don’t subscribe to the fact that a female would use the modeling world as a gateway into Hip-Hop. If you have love for this culture, it would be your first choice to begin with. What’s happening is, a lot of these models are being stripped down.

So after the modeling phase has passed, the lights go off, the cameras move on, they’re exposed as talentless “former” beauties. The problem with basing your whole career on sex is, it’s all you’ll be judged on.

There are better career options for young minority women in this society. However many fall victim to fast cash and the glamorous life in a “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow” scenario.

I dare to ask will you remember these women 10 years from now?


2 thoughts on “Video Vixens Turned Rappers: New Wave of Rap Stars or Hip-Hop’s Biggest FAILS?

  1. Angel is actaully an Xcellent rapper tnough. The others, not so much. Especially Somaya Reece

  2. I never get tired of looking at G. Valez or Angel Lola Luv. :)

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