DJ Mister Cee ‘Allegedly’ Arrested Over Lewd Act While HOT 97 Denies The Rumor!!!

Earlier today a story went viral about New York City HOT 97 DJ Mister Cee being arrested after “allegedly” receiving oral from a 20-year-old male. Now co-worker and fellow DJ Funkmaster Flex comes to his aid on his website

Mister Cee, a Brooklyn native born Calvin Laburn was responsible for breaking the late great NOTORIOUS B.I.G and executively producing his first album Ready to Die. But after a story about him participating in a gay act went viral today, he just may be ready to KILL HIMSELF!

The following story reads as such:

Twitter went crazy today as various radio personalities and celebrities tweeted about the story. I’ve read such tweets as “Brooklyn Where You At!?!” “You’re getting the side eye” and┬ánumerous shots at the HOT 97 DJ.

However Funkmaster Flex posted on his site:

As shocking as it sounds, I have to say I can’t co-sign this as the truth until it’s reported from an official news source. I’ve seen various radio DJ’s in the past get arrested and make the local news, so until it hits the mainstream media, it will remain speculation as far as DABXBLOGGER is concerned.

Let’s pray for the sake of DJ Mister Cee and Brooklyn, this is a false report!!!



3 thoughts on “DJ Mister Cee ‘Allegedly’ Arrested Over Lewd Act While HOT 97 Denies The Rumor!!!

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  2. Let me begin by saying I never assumed anything in this piece. As I clearly stated, I didn’t co-sign the story or accept it as fact. I used “allegedly” numerous times implying this was information that is being repeated by other sources.

    Now in regards to the “Kill Himself” that is a reference regarding his career by the sheer embarrassment. I do not condemn anyone for being gay nor do I care about Mister Cee’s sexual preference. However you cannot ignore the fact that as a “Media Personality” it’s quite embarrassing to be caught with your pants down “literally” with someone who is 24 years your junior.

    Gay or straight, it’s a predicament that will have negative implications and it exercises poor judgment. Again, I am not crucify him or saying that the report is true, but truth of the matter, it’s not a position anyone would like to be caught in.

  3. Ok so what you found out he’s not a straight male as had you assumed, big deal!..but why should he want to kill himself or you should pray that it isn’t true? Its that kind of thinking that pushes men & women into the closet of shame for fear of being found out or losing their job because of it. He’s not the only one and the Hip hop crowd needs to get over it..there here!.

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