Charlie Sheen BOMBS in Detroit: LOSING!!!

It was to be the “Torpedo of Truth” but truth of the matter is, YOU SUCKED!!!

It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Charlie Sheen‘s tour would bomb harder than Nagasaki! That’s EXACTLY what he did last night during the first stop of his multi-city tour.

TMZ was the first site to report the tragedy as they confirmed people booing, heckling, and walking out at a point. The show started with some Q&A. Nothing was off-limits as he answered questions about crack, cocaine, and porn stars.

He then showed clips from his network which he began to rip. When that didn’t go over well, he brought out buddy Simon Rex to rap which made matters worse! At one point, there was hope for the disaster at Fox Theatre in Detroit.

Charlie played his track Winning with Snoop Dogg. However when Charlie came out solo, the crowed became enraged, started booing and walked out. I guess the audience didn’t realize that Mr. Doggy Dog was at Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards performing with a real act Big Time Rush.  <<===My Sarcasm

MY 2 CENTS: If you brought tickets for his show at any date, in any city, YOU’RE AN IDIOT! For the fans in Detroit who booed and walked out, what were you expecting? He’s not a stand up comedian, he’s an actor! Not a really good one at that! What makes him so appealing is his train wreck of a life. That’s the real comedy here.

So you go to his show and expect to get your money’s worth? GTFOH! I say to those who brought tickets to his remaining shows, SHAME ON YOU! That money could’ve been used towards something charitable like Japan, Haiti, or groceries. Charlie Sheen’s best act is behind a monitor, and your best act is keeping your hard-earned bucks in your wallet!

Charlie Sheen Live in Detroit

Source: TMZ, YouTube


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