Teacher Posts Pics of Student ‘Jolly Rancher’ Hairdo

We’ve all seen something that made us want to take our cellphones out and take a pic. However did a Chicago public school teacher go to far when she posted pics of her student’s hairdo on Facebook?

Ukailya Lofton was so excited for picture day, that she begged her mother Lucinda Williams to put Jolly Ranchers in her hair after seeing the hairstyle in a magazine.

The moment turned out to be sheer embarrassment as her schoolteacher took pictures of the little girl’s hairstyle and posted them on Facebook.

Mocking the hair do, she updated her Facebook status with:

“RIGHT!!! This is for picture day” followed with responses like,

“If you’re going to make your child look ridiculous, the least you can do is have them matching”

“Yea this is foolishness” and “I laughed so hard that my contact popped out.”

Lucinda Williams stated that although the teacher apologized for the incident, she has not apologized directly to her daughter and is upset she’s still employed by the CPS (Chicago Public School).

Although we may all have our thoughts about putting Jolly Ranchers in a child’s hair (I’ll reserve mines for this column) I have to admit as a professional, it was poor judgment on the teachers part.

Lucinda is seeking legal assistant and a lawsuit is planned against the CPS.

Source: YouTube


4 thoughts on “Teacher Posts Pics of Student ‘Jolly Rancher’ Hairdo

  1. First of all, the teacher only posted the back of the child’s head, so it wasnt identifiable, except for the fact that she was the only one with jolly ranchers in her hair… sorry, but this mom is a dumb bitch! 1st for putting jolly ranchers in her daughters hair and now for suing.. another welfare mom gets her payoff!
    2nd. why and how did the mom even see the fb page? i have several teacher friends and they are not allowed to befriend students as a school rule.
    this whole thing reeks of cow shit.

  2. The more I think of this story, the worse it gets. I am 6’1” and was always the tallest and skinniest girl—not only of my class, but of the school! I can’t tell you how many times I was mocked, ridiculed in public—and not only in school. Somehow, and without my parents suing the school, I survived and even was a fashion model for many years. Granted: the teacher should have never mocked that poor child on the Internet. But the child’s mother should be ashamed of herself. She might have birthed this child, but she is not her mother in the real sense of the word. I have a daughter and I know any carrying, loving mother would NOT have showed her daughter the Internet page in the very first place! But on the other hand, notice how the girl smiled throughout the whole interview. What would be the reason for suing, but to expose the wrong done to the child? If the girl seems unconcerned and even smiles at the situation, it is proof she was not affected by the bad joke. It is obvious the mother is doing this out of a sense of entitlement and to profit from it. She should be chastised by the judge—if this ridiculous case ever goes to court!—for shamelessly exploiting her daughter and trying to benefit from the situation, especially when she herself stated she expected a mere apology to her daughter. Shame on this mother and all people who play the race card. Shame on her also for attaching candy to her daughter’s hair: don’t adults in this country have any common-sense left anymore!

  3. What an ignorant woman who is only looking for a check. Well, good luck. Since it was the mother who did that to her child’s hair, subjecting her to the outside world, and the child was not physically hurt by it, they will have to in effect prove “punitive” damages. For a judge to even allow a suit to proceed, the mother’s lawyer will have to proove to the judge “willful intent by the damaging party” to bring some sort of harm to the child. Clearly, no judge worth his/her salt would ever see it that way. “Willful intent” requires there to be something a planned action by the teacher to damage the child in some way by posting the photos. They’ll also have to proove the teacher knew for a fact the child would be damaged in some way – which is impossible since the teacher herself never posted any negative comments about the child. This goes to proove this is an unscrupulous lawyer misleading the mother into thinking there could be some money in this.

  4. It’s funny, I don’t think the teacher went too far she should just fix her security settings so it won’t get on the damn news…smh

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