Al Pacino’s Tax Debt: $188k!!!

Mr. Scarface himself, Al Pacino has made over $1 Billion dollars during his career. Apparently at some point, he forgot to pay Uncle Sam!

According to TMZ, the IRS has just filed a tax lien against Pacino citing a $188k tax debt. By their count, Pacino stiffed the government in 2008 for $169,143.06 and $19,140.44 in 2009, totaling $188,283.50.

A rep for Pacino is stating that it isn’t the actor’s fault, rather the fault of former business manager Kenneth Starr. Along with Madoff, the Ponzi schemer was recently convicted and sentenced to seven years in jail.

According to sources, he was responsible for ripping off a bunch of Hollywood HOT SHOTS.

He better remedy the situation ASAP! If I know anything about the government, they don’t play when it comes to their taxes. Ask Wesley Snipes!!!

Source: TMZ

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