Denver Nuggets Carmelo Anthony Jersey’s Going For Dirt Cheap!!!

It has to suck being a Denver fan right now. Seeing your star player Carmelo Anthony leave for the New York Knicks has left many resident’s in the dumps. But that’s not the only thing getting DUMPED!

A local retailer is selling the former Denver Nugget Jersey for a fraction of its price! Formerly $350 dollars, the Jersey is now going for $75 bucks on the store’s website. Obviously there’s signs of resentment and the retailer must feel these things are worthless, explaining the bargain basement price.

Honestly, I would take advantage of this. If you’re a Carmelo fan and you would like a collection of his jersey’s, now’s the perfect time to take advantage. Besides, it wasn’t that long ago throwback’s were all the rage! Buy cheap, sell high 20 years from now.

FYI: Carmelo Anthony New York Knicks Jersey is available for pre-sale at $249.99.

They will be available on Oct. 1st, 2011

Source: AltitudeAuthentics


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