Federal Agents Ready to Greet Lil Wayne

In my Glenn Frey voice {The Heat is on}, and I’m not talking the Miami Heat either! Apparently Federal agents were waiting for Lil Wayne when he touched down in Miami this week, and they didn’t have greeting cards!

The rapper was stopped and searched by Federal Agents immediately after he departed his plane. Law enforcement sources told TMZ that multiple Drug Enforcement Agents performed a contraband search. Weezy still on probation from his drug and gun incidents, was released after agents came up with nothing.

For the first time, Weezy was more clean than an altar boy! GOOD FOR HIM! I’ve been saying for years that the Hip-Hop police exists! Jay-Z confirmed it in his book Decoded. So rappers BEWARE! Because they’re watching!

Source: TMZ


One thought on “Federal Agents Ready to Greet Lil Wayne

  1. They need to leave him and the others alone and police there kids and spouses and themselves. These people just want payoffs that’s what its all about they don’t like to see us minorities prosper. BIggie said it best “More money more problems” smdh

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