Solar Flares, 2012, What Does It All Mean? The Government Has A Plan, & We’re Not Included!!!

You’ve been hearing it for some time now: solar flares, earthquakes, natural disasters, 2012. Whether you’re religious, an atheist, or have scientific values, we all share a common view: WHAT WILL HAPPEN IN 2012? By no measure do I intend to play prophet, but what I will tell you is the Government has plans, and guess what: WE’RE NOT INCLUDED!!!

Let me start off by saying that the following article is not intended to influence the masses to church or to brainwash you with liberalism. The purpose of this article is to raise awareness. Not that many would want to know the actual date of their demise, but personally if there’s a gaping pothole up the road, I’d appreciate if someone told me.

I will unravel the cover-up’s, go over the theories, reports, and facts that have been uncovered in the past years. Some of which exists in plain sight!

Solar Flares:

During the week of Valentine’s Day, the sun began going through a phase it hasn’t gone through since the early 20th century. It began emitting large particles towards the earth disrupting communications. The reason this is a big deal is mainly two reasons. The first being that there are confirmed reports that the earth’s magnetic field has a hole in it. To simplify this, the earth’s magnetic field is responsible for protecting us against the suns harmful rays. If it’s breached, well that could spell disaster for the human species in the long run.

The second major concern as a result of this breach, power grids across the world could get knocked out. Exposure to a severe solar storm is enough to knock out half of the power in the Unites States alone. The best comparison would be a modern-day “Dark Ages” seeing that our main source of life derives from electricity. If that isn’t enough, politics plays a major role in forming a contingency plan against this. The U.S. power grids run across the country. What complicates the issues are laws that vary from state to state. So while one state may support a plan to help prevent us from this disaster, another state may not be on board with the idea.

The Plan By The U.S. Government

Did you know for the past 10 years the government is operating a crash shelter building program that anticipates pending disaster? There are underground bunkers being built so that the government maintains a continuity of leadership. These bunkers are not only reserved for the world’s most powerful leaders, but some of the world’s most elite and richest people as well. So while the rest of the world are being burned and drowned by a modern-day Armageddon, these “special class of people” will be snug in their hovels.

Don’t think for a second your going to bombard the bunkers either, because there will be armed guards ready to fire upon citizens at any moment.

It was during a Trutv documentary that former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura spoke with Brian Camden who is a 2012 survival condo architect. He cited that there are bunkers across the world that are being designed for an economic collapse. He stated that the one he’s worked on (reserved for himself and wealthy clients) has the ability of being submerged in water for up to 100 hours. In addition it can also withstand up 1,200 degrees of heat for up to six days. With bunkers in West Virginia and the Cheyenne Mountains in Colorado, Brian was cautious to say on camera what was the largest underground bunker in existence.

When asked the question “How would you build something that massive without being noticed,” he simply replied, “by building something on top of it.”

The Denver Airport Conspiracy

A few years back, there was construction on a massive airport in Denver, Colorado. What was intriguing by the building of this government-funded project was how much they went over budget to build this thing. The area where the airport is built is nothing but flatlands. Perfect if you wanted to lay ground for some tunnels thousands of feet below the earth. It is rumored that there are railways that connect the airports to the bunkers but what’s more peculiar to me are the murals that reside in the airport!

Millions of people go through the Denver airport each day and no one is paying attention to the apocalyptic paintings that are in plain sight! Is this a message? Is someone trying to tell us something? Why do they reside there?

The mural above depicts STRONG images. A prophetic illustration of a modern-day Armageddon. Pictured above is a soldier representing {War} wielding a sword at a dove which symbolizes {Peace}. If you look to the left, you see the image of a family sheltered from the chaos while those (outside of the wall) deal with destruction and despair.

The second mural shows flames (upper center) while illustrating death below. Both animals and humans are facing tragic events. In the center you see an image of a Native while seeing a little girl in a casket to the right.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In conclusion the talk of the earth “coming to an end” is a bit scary to folks, I get it. In reality, it isn’t the earth that would be coming to an end, it would be us. Seeing the earth’s been in existence for billions of years and we’ve only been on this planet for a fraction of it, there is scientific proof that from time to time the earth has a way of “cleansing itself.”

The problem is, do we really want to be here to see it happen?

I can sit here and go all day about 2012, my theories, and what I believe in. But what I want to share with my readers is that preparations are being made in anticipation of Armageddon and we aren’t getting the invite. So whether, you subscribe to the 2012 theory or not, just understand that there are people on this earth planning to live past a global disaster with or without you.

Jessie Ventura: Conspiracy Theory Parts 1-6



2 thoughts on “Solar Flares, 2012, What Does It All Mean? The Government Has A Plan, & We’re Not Included!!!

  1. I agree that things are going to get crazy in 2012 but 2011 could be even worse for some. We aren’t being told much of anything including most earthquakes around the world. Yellowstone is active but the USGS has a gag order per Bush back in 2001. People have screen shots on some forums so that’s cool. I am just starting a blog but I have tons of Gov doc’s and things regarding 2012 I am going to be putting up as well.

  2. hey dude i subscribed just now and i must say i am a believer in the events that may come, i actually made a poll on my site and i to reside in the bx maybe we can collab one day soon.

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