Lil Kim on the Ryan Cameron Show: Air’s out Cash Money CEO’s Baby/Slim & Diddy!!!

While the drama continues between Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim, there are some more people she’s throwing under the bus. After selling 113,000 copies of her mixtape Black Friday, Kim sat down with V-103′s Ryan Cameron. She gave details on the nature of the beef and why she’s so mad!

Disputing the rumors that her Paypal sells were fraudulent, Lil Kim went into detail on why she’s been going so hard at Nicki Minaj. When asked what was the last straw, she citied that both Nicki’s interview with Angie Martinez and Roman’s Revenge was when she had enough. She also stated that there was a business relationship developing with Cash Money CEO’s Baby and Slim.

It was clear that the person she was most hurt by in the situation was Diddy (who she still calls Puff until this day). She reflected that back in the day, she would never put a song out if it wasn’t up to Puff’s approval. Acknowledging that he had business relationships with people, she must’ve figured Diddy would show the same courtesy to her. You can tell that Kim felt betrayed by some of her closest business partner’s and there’s nothing worse than a woman scorned.

During the interview she stated:

“Baby tried to reach out a hundred times.  Puffy tried to reach out.  But I feel like both of those two were a big major part of the problem… so it was really nothing to talk about.

“[As far as Puffy], I feel it was very disrespectful because being with Puffy for so long…  I remember plenty of times when I said something that may have been offensive about somebody and Puffy… back in the day he wouldn’t let any of those records go out.

As a matter of fact he would say ‘No, No, No, you got to change that. You can’t say this.’  Especially if it was about somebody he had a relationship or was getting money with, he wouldn’t let that ride like that so that’s what bothered me.

Now he’s sitting there saying she’s mad because I wanted to work with another female… Come on, how preposterous is that.  How many females has he worked with that I was cool with or didn’t have a problem with so {his answer] didn’t make any sense to me.”

Check Out Lil Kim’s Interview Below:

Nicki Minaj Interview With Angie Martinez

Source: V103radio


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