Spider-Man Joins Fantastic Four!!!

Look who’s just joined the Fantastic Four, it’s your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, and he’s donning a new all white suit! But with Marvel’s new addition to the group, many are wondering, is this a ploy to boost sales?

Last month, Marvel killed off one of the original members the Human Torch in Fantastic Four #587. It seems that Marvel didn’t want to go forward with the Fantastic 3 (that doesn’t sound too good does it?) So what do they do? Add Spidey to the mix! Not only is there a new all white suit change for Spidey, but a name change as well.

Marvel’s #588 issue slated to be released on March 23rd, the group formerly known as The Fantastic Four, will now be called, The Future Foundation. What’s troublesome to most fans is how comic companies such as Marvel and DC continuously bump off characters, then brings them back in an attempt to maximize on profits.

I remember as a kid, reading when Joker killed Robin, then reading different versions of him reincarnated. The death of Superman by the hands of Doomsday was a shocker as well, only for him to be resurrected again a year later. Marvel is no exception as they’ve killed off Captain America reintroducing him two years later. {SMH}

Now it’s Human Torch’s turn with Spidey as a fill in. I don’t know how fans will take to the all white apparel with hexagon logos. It’s a marketing plan that can go either BOOM or BUST! The concept (in my opinion) is a bit of a stretch. Still being a part of the Amazing Spider-Man series, makes me wonder how this super hero can multi-task.

For reality purposes, you’d have to be one hell of a superhero to protect your city, then bounce around the universe with “The Foundation”. Honestly, as I grew older, I’ve gotten a bit tired of the “kill off, resurrection” scheme. As a kid it hurt my heart then brought me joy to see my favorite heroes, be brought back to life.

Now I just see it for what it really is, A CHEAP MARKETING PLOY!!!

Source: EntertainmentWeekly


2 thoughts on “Spider-Man Joins Fantastic Four!!!

  1. I support the addition as long as they continue to tell exciting stories

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