Ciara Dropped From Jive

R&B sensation Ciara has been known to “drop it like it’s hot” but that isn’t the only thing getting dropped these days. There are reports that the songstress has been let go from her label, and although there is no official report from Jive, there’s no secret that her albums has been lackluster!

In a report by Bossip, Jive has ended the long-term relationship with Ciara. Things began to get rocky when Ciara’s manager and A&R were changed in 2009. As a result, her project Fantasy Ride was in the hands of a new team. The album “originally” was set to be a three disc concept but ended up being condensed into a 12-track set. Due to the change, a lot of key collaborations were compromised.

Her fourth album Basic Instinct released in December 2010 was supposed to channel her traditional sound (throwback 2004) but was a FAIL by critics and sales were around 40k. Insiders say the singer is a drain on label resources because she does not know her artistry and is unable to pin down a unique sound.

One insider said that “the label would rather invest in someone like Chris Brown who is proving successful on multiple formats”. DAYUM!!! As a listener I have to admit that she hasn’t put out a good album since her debut Goodies. I got a sense that she was all over the place with the previous three.

Although my feelings run parallel with the label’s, fans usually have the last say. However in a “digital downloading age” it’s hard to get people to buy your music when it isn’t good product to begin with!

Source: Bossip


2 thoughts on “Ciara Dropped From Jive

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  2. That probaby going be ok for her cause Jive is over runner with male arists…

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