Elton John: Who The Fuck is Kim Kardashian?

Pop icon Elton John has been known for his tirades, but his latest lashing was reserved for reality superstar Kim Kardashian. His outrage summed up in one simple phrase “Reality has killed talent”. I couldn’t agree more!

Elton John has always been critical of Pop stars and never been known to hold his tongue, but when asked about Kim Kardashian he had a few choice words for the socialite. John, 63, told the UK magazine The Word

“Who the fuck is Kim Kardashian?” ‘Some stupid old tart from somewhere. Reality has killed talent.”

Many have criticized Kim’s lucrative career that began with a sex tape. Her popularity began to pick up when her show “Keeping up with the Kardashians” aired on E! Since then, a playboy spread, multiple endorsements, and a few high-profile relationships had Kim capitalizing on her celebrity.

However many are still asking the question “What is Kim Kardashian’s talent?” Well obviously Sir Elton John is was wondering, and didn’t care what anyone had to say about it, lol!

Source: The Word


3 thoughts on “Elton John: Who The Fuck is Kim Kardashian?

  1. Elton mate, that was worthy of Shakespear .

  2. Not an Elton fan at all, but he sure got this one right! Who are the Kardashians? ( Yes OJ, lawyer and all that ) They are simply famous for being famous. If talent was explosive, they collectively would have enough to blow one of their nipples off.

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