Basketball Wife Suzie Ketcham is BOUNCING!!!

Basketball wife Suzie Ketcham has had enough drama for VH1′s season 2 that it’s made her LEAVE COURT!

According to sources close to Suzie, she will not be returning for season 3 because “she couldn’t handle the spotlight.” Producers of the show are confirming that the show was draining and Suzie “couldn’t take the heat” as a reality star anymore. If that wasn’t enough, Suzie was getting an overwhelming amount of cyber hate via Twitter which began to take its toll.

For those who follow the show, Suzie has had an ongoing dispute with Ochocino’s beau Evelyn Lozada. Avoiding her at all costs during the show, you can tell that she’s had enough. The former wife of Michael Olowokandi appears to be pursuing a career in journalism, so we’ll see how that goes. But for now, the final ball has dropped!

Source: TMZ


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