A Brother’s Pain: Jilani Platt’s Brother Attack!!!

It was the news clip that went viral! A brother’s pain at the sight of her former husband (and now convicted killer) was all that he needed to go off! Court officers had to physically restrain Jeryl Carter as he tried to get to the man who murdered his sister!

Jilani Platt was murdered by husband Zyderrious Platt in 2009. Earlier this week, Zyderrious admitted on tape that after an argument, he had choked Jilani, then left her in their apartment. After returning, he saw that she was dead, so he wrapped her in a comforter, took her to a retention pond on Shutgula Road then shot her in the head.

Defense for Zyderrious claimed that since Jilani was dead upon his arrival, he was not guilty of killing her. Well there must have been enough evidence to convict Platt because as of Thursday, the Georgia man was found guilty in the killing of his 26-year-old wife. Judge Bobby Peters sentenced Platt to consecutive life in prison terms.

Although it can’t bring her back, hopefully his conviction will bring closure to the family.

Jeryl Carter Speaks on Outburst During Trial



2 thoughts on “A Brother’s Pain: Jilani Platt’s Brother Attack!!!

  1. What a sad story, I can feel the Brothers pain, really terrible, they should have let him loose on the killer! That would have been justice.

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