His name is Viktor Bout and he is an international arms dealer and for those who loved the 2005 movie “Lord of War“, he was the man who inspired Nicholas Cage‘s character.

Being a HUGE fan of the movie, I loved watching the story of Cage’s character and how he developed into one of the worlds most sought after men. The film followed Cage as he made his way into the business and became one of the wealthiest arms dealers in the world. For those unaware, an arms dealer supplies countries, drug kingpins, and dictators with weapons. Their only alliance is to the ALMIGHTY DOLLAR! Ever wonder how insurgents in Afghanistan are equipped with rocket launchers? How 12-year-old rebels in Africa are strapped with AK-47‘s? You can give credit to the film’s inspiration Victor Bout.

The real life “Merchant of Death” was extradited Tuesday (Nov. 16th) from Thailand to New York to face terrorism charges in federal court. The natural mindset of an arms dealer is the disregard of who his weapons may kill. However what may have gotten him into more hot water and slapped with terrorism charges were recorded conversations of him saying he preferred that his weapons murdered Americans. What this does essentially is remove him as an independent contractor and label him as a terrorist. If it can be proven that Bout intentionally sold arms as weapons against America, he would be no different from the terrorist who plot and attack this country.

According to The Wall Street Journal Bout was accused of running an air cargo business that brought legitimate cargo into conflict zones. Basically, supplying world leaders with the weapons and ammunition they needed to kill each other. But where he REALLY earned his stripes and earned the name “the world’s most notorious arms dealer” was when the U.S authorities caught him in a sting with an arsenal that included more than 700 surface to air missiles, 5,000 AK-7 assault rifles, land mines, C4, and ultra light planes that could be fitted with grenade launchers!

You really have to be a BAD ASS in order to sell that type of weaponry and ammunition. What’s scary is the fact they are being put in the hands of the worlds most dangerous leaders. Viktor is currently pleading not guilty to the charges and is seeking a public defender citing that he has no U.S resources to seek legal counsel.

I mean, who would represent a man who admittingly said he preferred that his weapons kill Americans? The real life Lord of War is a man 1o times worse than the character portrayed by Nicholas Cage. Although I enjoyed the movie and found his story intriguing, what this man was capable of and his sheer power is just out right SCARY!!!

Source:, The Wall Street Journal,


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