Say Hello to Howard Veal, because he OFFICIALLY holds the title as “America’s Biggest Deadbeat” According to court records, the Michigan man owed more that $533,000 in child support payments. By his own account, Veal told investigators that he fathered 15 children by 12 different women, however a report ordered by the court found that he actually fathered 23 children by 14 different mothers!!! Now I’ve seen some deadbeats in my life ie; Flavor Flav (Public Enemy/VH1′s Flavor of Love), Antonio Cromartie (NFL NY Jets) but NEVER have I seen a situation of such magnitude. Judge Dennis Leiber who has presided over 2o years of child support cases stated:

“In my entire career I have never seen a case like this where so much was owed to so many and ignored,” telling Veal “You are the poster child for irresponsibility, You’re an insult to every responsible father who sacrifices to provide for their children.”

The 44-year-old Veal who has been living with his current girlfriend (who he currently has 4 children with), had paid less than $90 dollars in the last seven years to two of his 23 children! Here’s where this case gets more appalling:

For a decade (between 1989-99) Veal was estimated to have gotten at lease one woman pregnant every year! The deadbeat case was SO OUTRAGEOUS that the Judge who presided over the case “deviated from sentencing guidelines for substantial and compelling reasons” which means he went beyond normal guidelines and threw the book at him (as he should). Normal sentencing for Deadbeat cases carry no more than six months in jail in the state of Michigan, however due to the nature of the case and the outrageous findings, Veal will receive a sentence between 2 to 4 years in jail.

Hands down this man was spreading more seeds than a John Deere Seed Spreader, and whats appalling was the reckless nature of it all. I’ve NEVER in all my years on this Earth heard of a case like this and if there should EVER be a reason to have a PSA about wrapping it up, this is the perfect Illustration!!!

Source: ABC NEWS, You Tube

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  1. Hello George and thank you for your post and taking time to read the story!

    I must say this is a very UNIQUE case, one that I and the legal system has never encountered before. The first thing I will address is the question of him fathering all 23 children. As mentioned in the story, a report ordered by the court determined that he indeed fathered all 23 children. Although the details weren’t discussed, I would assume that once he was in custody, paternity tests were taken for the majority of the children in question. I would also assume that many of them didn’t require testing seeing that his current girlfriend whom he shared residence with birthed 4 of his children, and his 2 oldest (named in lawsuits) were already confirmed kin as well.

    The other issue I’d like to address is your comment about 85% of fatherless children and their capability of committing a crime. Although statistics are strong, they are not always accurate, and I would like to say there is hope for children who have not grown up without a father. I am a prime example. I was raised by both my Mother and Grandmother and although I could’ve took the easy way out and blamed “no father” or “the white man” I didn’t. I always stood up and took responsibility for my own actions, graduated from college, and I’d like to say I turned out pretty fine.

    Your story about being a cab driver and picking up the same guy dropping him off to multiple addresses is intriguing. You are correct in saying that these women knew what this man was up to, which unfortunately is sad and contributes to the ongoing issue of males having multiple children. However I believe us as a society can help by educating these kids, implementing more Big Brother programs to fill the void that that the father has left behind. Sorry I can’t go into detail further in regards to the issue (have pressing business) but I felt I needed to take the time to address the points you made since you took the time to read and write them.

    I thank you sincerely for checking out the site and encourage you to come back and leave comments on anything you feel compelled to speak on.

    Jay Denson

  2. The first question that jumps to mind is how many of these children is has he really fathered?

    If he has not cooperated with child support, I would be willing to guess that he did not cooperate with the initial actions to take a paternity test, meaning that many, if not all of these children, may not be his. If he was uncooperative, than they would simply enter a default order, and once that order is in place, it cannot be overturned in most states, regardless of paternity.

    Last January there was a news item of a 21-year-old man being informed that his taxes were being intercepted because he owed child for his 15-year-old daughter. Child support enforcement would not accept his birth certificate as evidence that he could not be the father. Once ordered, must pay.

    Before we moan and groan over this man, perhaps that now he is in jail, they can do the paternity test and actually see if he has any children.

    Now, if one or all of them are his, what about the women? I imagine that mostly knew about the other children as they think it is okay to share a Black Man because of the shortage of them. I heard that a lot about that when I was driving my cab. I would frequently take the same African-American man to five different addresses in one evening, and the woman would come out and pay for the cab. They knew where he had last been, and where he was going next. They didn’t care, as they wanted children by him.

    In addition, what do we do now about all the fatherless children? Will they grow up to contribute to 85% of crime? That is the #1 common factor found in those who commit crime. “Ominously, the most reliable predictor of crime is neither poverty nor race but growing up fatherless.” Fortune Magazine – Fatherless Families & Crime

    Fatherless children, at least according to our Commander and Chief, is a far worse problem than the total amount of child support owed, yet the government does nothing about the 40% of mothers denying fathers’ access to the children.

    One final point to address in this, if he can be jailed for a debt, why not do that to everyone who has unpaid debts? Imagine how that would help the national debt. We could start jailing all the politicians.

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