So on Friday(Sept. 24th) The History Channel FINALLY debuted the story of BMF (Black Mafia Family) in their critically acclaimed series Gangland. I can’t tell you how much I was waiting for them to do this because I knew the story of Big Meech along with Blue DaVinci and the rest of his crew. Not co-signing drug dealing, but if you were to live the life, there was no one doing it like this mob, and they did it up big. I remember hearing about the shooting of Diddy’s former bodyguard which derived from an altercation with a female in the club. I also remember hearing about how they put a Billboard up in downtown Atlanta on some Tony Montana Scarface shit! Big Meech said it best “You will NEVER see another crew like this again” and he was right. Since making the song, I still don’t see how rapper Rick Ross thought he was Big Meech? #FRAUD

I’ve personally seen all the episodes of Gangland and this had to be the BEST one in my opinion. Worth checking out!

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