Today is the ninth year anniversary of the tragic passing of R&B superstar Aaliyah Diana Haughton. Although for many this is a sad day, we should rejoice and utilize this day as a celebration of her life! Although I never got to meet her personally, I can honestly say that God has called one of his Angels home. Not only was she a talented and gifted superstar, but she embodied class, dedication, and hard work. She was a role model for many young girls and in and industry where sex sells and obscene language runs rampant, Ms. Haughton never compromised her values or morals in order to have an impact in this industry. Aaliyah there isn’t another female R&B singer that can fill your void and illustrate what you stood for. On this day, myself and millions are remembering you and celebrating your life.

If you guys have any personal memories of Aaliyah and would like to share, I ENCOURAGE you to leave comments.

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  1. You will be missed baby girl I will always love no matter Wat u r one in a million star that will stay in my heart forever I love and R.I.P baby girl …….

  2. I remember when she came to FYE i wasn’t able to get in but my boy working security got her to autograph my cd..priceless.

  3. I remember I was sitting in my brother’s living room in Rhode Island when I saw the little ticker at the bottom of the tv screen flashed that Aaliyah passed. I couldn’t believe it. Left Eye then Aaliyah and then the Towers…2001 definitely felt like the year of death and despair. She was a beautiful woman and spirit. “Are you that somebody” & “Try Again” made me want to get in shape cause her body was SICK!!! And “More than a woman”
    made me feel good about growing up to be a strong female. WOOT WOOT for Aaliyah, she surely was ONe in a million =D

  4. Aaliyah will be missed in to the end of time.I love u and miss u. this is zyare signing off before i start to cry.

  5. I will always remember her death it was a day before my birthday. R.I.p. Aaliyah Your talant Will never be forgotten

  6. What I remember about Aaliyah passing was it being a very DARK year. This was the same year a personal friend of mines got killed, Aaliyah’s passing, then the Towers! 2001 just felt like a year of DEATH & DESPAIR, but we continue to move forward and progress.

    R.I.P Aaliyah

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